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Who Are We?

The company encourages employees to eat healthy and offers them fresh salads for lunch which provide one’s body with adequate dose of nutrients and help flush toxins out. To add on to this cycle, organic tea in new tea bags are used to avoid stale food from being consumed and the employees are also given specially made brown bread sandwiches to munch on after work, on their way back home. To help widen one’s horizons for a better perspective, the company encourages employees to take some time off during office hours before lunch to meditate, disconnect from the rush of daily life and look within themselves thus helping to deepen their focus as well as rid their mind from any negativity. One of the major internal employee related activities carried out by the company are its trips to Silence Camps which are a part of Siddha Samadi Yoga culture. The employees are taken by the company on a three day trip to Katharkadak for an internal cleanse of body, mind and soul and are brought back rejuvinated and refreshed. The company also holds workshops and satsangs every Friday for personal as well as collective development by discussing issues such as ‘team building’, ‘time management’ among other topics contributing to over all productivity.